We aim for alignment with clarity, systematic thought, and simplicity of truth. We aim to attain specific goals by enriching our vision for a sustainable future. In these uncertain, difficult, times that are overwhelmed by obscurities, falsehoods and lack of visibility, we envision possibilities with creative discussion and interactive problem-solving. We look to seamlessly & philosophically integrate the best of our present technologies to enable our dreams for the future.

Our recent activities include business & technology oriented seminars. These include understanding and analyzing leadership, the current practices of human resources management including talent management & succession, and the analysis of technology firms that take into consideration ethical practice, including information ethics, sound practice and sustainability as they relate to community and context.

Our practice is informed by rigorous thought & analysis that comes from philosophical training and method. These may be harnessed to enhance reputation, confidence and outward-looking achievements.

The question is not what you look at, but what you see.

From Henry David Thoreau’s Journal dated 5 August 1851.

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